Chris Brown To Soulja Boy: No Steroids Allowed For Fight

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It looks like the square up of the decade between R&B singer Chris Brown and rapper Soulja Boy is still on, and both artists are very serious about the event.

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The “Crank Dat” musician recently fired his training coach for the fight, Floyd Mayweather, in exchange for Evander Holyfield, and Brown took to Instagram to warn his competition about what he’s got cooking up.

“Fight NIGHT WILL BE SOON,” the caption read. “Stay tuned for the actual date. @50cent make sure you give Soulja some profit. Can’t let the man take 2 L’s. and the sidebar sneak dissing some of you ni**as is doing is not in your nature. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. stay classy!”

In the video itself, Breezy also halts the possibility of the rapper using performance-enhancing drugs for the fight.

“Don’t juice neither ni**a that’s going to make you more tired,” he warns his competitor. “You’re going to be fatigued. Hundred-twenty pounds soakin’ wet right? A little ni**a using performance-enhancing drugs…I hope Holyfield teach you everything in the book. Please. Help Soulja.”

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Check out the video below.