College Student Gets A Care Package Of The Trash He Forgot To Take Out


Most parents send their college kids care packages of things that they need or things that they like while they’re away at school, but not Terri Cox. The mother of Connor Cox, a freshman at Pennsylvania’s Westminster College, decided to give her son a care package (and a rude awakening) that he’d never forget.

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“I got two boxes and I opened one and it had food in it and I realized there wasn’t food in the other one,” the 18-year-old told ABC News. “It was a bunch of trash, tissues, soda cans.” When Connor called his mother to ask if he was given the wrong care package, he swiftly got his answer.

“‘No, that’s the trash you were supposed to take out,'” she told him. The photo of his trash is gaining traction, but Cox assure that the dynamic he and his mother share always involves good fun with a lesson intertwined.

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“She has a good sense of humor,” Connor said. “She’s always really caring and she knows what to say at the exact time she should say it. She’s a good mom…She’s kind of like my best friend, it’s special for sure.”

We’re sure he’ll never forget to take out the trash again. Great job, mom.

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