A Warrant Has Been Issued For The Arrest Of NFL Star Darrelle Revis


Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets is currently under investigation, and a warrant is out for his arrest after being charged with several felony counts after an altercation in Pittsburgh early Sunday morning (Feb. 12).

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According to Deadspin, the cornerback is being charged with “two counts aggravated assault, one count making terroristic threats, one count robbery, and one count conspiracy to commit aggravated assault.”

The criminal complaint obtained by Pittsburgh Action News paints the picture that Revis punched two men unconscious after becoming agitated by them following him and asking if he was actually Revis. One of the men involved started to record Revis’ outburst, to which the football star became more irate, took the man’s phone and threw it into the street. He later got in the man’s face and threatened him by saying that there were “more guys coming” before fleeing the scene. One of the men injured was diagnosed with an orbital floor fracture.

However, Revis’ attorney Blaine Jones is telling a different tale. He said that his client was attacked by five or six men, and one of the men was extremely intoxicated.

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“Mr. Revis was never the aggressor in any of this,” Jones said. Once the warrant was issued, Jones said that he would arrange for Revis to turn himself in.