A “Day Without Latinos” Inspires Forthcoming Immigrant Strike


Amid Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigration, thousands of Latinos opted to skip work, school and shopping to flood the streets of Milwaukee in protest on Monday (Feb. 13). The “Day Without Latinos” has since inspired immigrants nationwide to take a similar stand.

According to the Washingtonian, local restaurants in Washington, D.C. have begun preparing for a national “Day Without Immigrants” strike slated to take place on Thursday (Feb. 16). Spread mostly by word of mouth, paper and social media flyers also point to the bubbling movement.

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CREDIT: Reforma Migratoria

Although it’s currently unclear just how widespread the protest will be, Reforma Migratoria suggests that it’s not confined to the nation’s capital. “We are calling out everyone to join us this upcoming Thursday,” a video message posted on the Facebook page states, later instructing those tuned in to refrain from work, school and purchases of any kind.

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“This is how we’re going to send a clear message to Donald Trump and his government and those individuals that do not want us here,” the statement continues. “We all know that immigrants play an important role in this country as for society, the government, and, most of all, the U.S. economy. We all benefit from what they do, legal or not. Without them, this country paralyzes itself. “

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