#TrumpImpeachmentParty Worked: Democratic Rep. Forms Trump Impeachment Team

The nation has collectively been plotting on ways to impeach current president, Donald Trump ever since he assumed the position of commander-in-chief, and he might’ve just given us a legitimate reason. It was revealed that Trump’s team has been accused of treason by maintaining repeated contact with Russia throughout the election. As a result, National Security adviser, Michael Flynn just stepped down because of it. In light of the circumstance, the Twitter fam debuted #TrumpImpeachmentParty as the No. 1 trending topic earlier today (Feb. 15).

In what is most likely unrelated news, Democratic Representative Earl Blumenauer launched a working group, Wednesday (Feb. 15), to review the Constitution’s 25th Amendment with hopes of actually impeaching Trump.

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Rep. Blumenauer argues that the amendment doesn’t cover impeaching a president on the basis that the president’s behavior attests to his mental and emotional incapacity.

“Like many people, I’ve noticed renewed interest in the 25th Amendment, as we’ve seen erratic behavior out of the White House and inability of Donald Trump to even tell whether it rained on him during his inaugural speech and repeating false statements that are demonstrably wrong,” the representative said during a House floor speech. Blumenauer believes a Trump impeachment is completely constitutional because he believes he is “emotionally unstable.”

In addition to approaching Trump’s impeachment basis from a different angle, Rep. Blumenauer also wants to modify the panel who gets to make the decision. Usually, the panel includes Cabinet members. The democratic representative proposed a bipartisan panel consisting of former living presidents and vice presidents.

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“We need to have a mechanism that can be reliable, command public confidence and be above politics,” Blumenauer says. He believes that the knowledge and experience of former presidents and vice presidents will do just that.

This may actually become a reality. But in the case that it does, next in line for the control of the Oval Office would be Vice President Mike Pence. A question that lays in the hands of American people: Is this alternative better than the one before? How’s that for choosing between the lesser of two evils?

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As we wait impatiently for a finite solution, escape the harsh reality of our nation and dive into the comedy behind the Twitter trending topic of the day, #TrumpImpeachmentParty: