Detroit Man Blames Trump For Death Of Mother After ‘Muslim Ban’ Kept Her Out Of The US

A Detriot businessman has blamed President Donald Trump for the death of his mother after she was unable from entering the United States under his latest executive order.

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Fox2Detroit reports Mike Hager was flying home to Michigan from Iraq with his mother Naimma and a few other family members when immigration informed him that his mother—a green card holder—couldn’t return the states. The 75-year-old has lived in America since 1995, while Hager has lived in the states after he fled during Gulf War. He worked for the U.S. Special forces during 2003 and 2008 as an interpreter and cultural advisor. He nearly died while serving when he was shot in the back.

Hager’s mother fell ill and was hoping to continue her medical treatment in America. Their tearful goodbyes in the airport would be their last. Naimma died two days in her native Iraq after the “Muslim ban” came to order. “I was just shocked. I had to put my mom back on the wheelchair and take her back and call the ambulance, and she was very very upset,” he said. “She knew right there if we send her back to the hospital she’s going to pass away – she’s not going to make it.”

Without saying his name, Hager blamed the president for his mother’s passing and believes she would have been alive if she was able to obtain a doctor at home. “I really believe this in my heart: if they would have let us in, my mom – she would have made it and she would have been sitting right here next to me,” Hager said. “She’s gone because of him.” Hager is now worried that he won’t be able to see his other relatives who were also green card holders. While he’s an American citizen, he’s also shaken about his future in the country.

“This is our home. We’ve been here for too long, we’ve been here since we were kids,” Hager said. “If I’m not wanted overseas in Iraq and I’m not wanted here, then where do I go? What am I supposed to do with my family?”

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