Diddy Sets The Record Straight After Claiming He’s Hip-Hop’s First Billionaire

Following a video Diddy released on social media, in which he claimed to be hip-hop’ first billionaire, the Bad Boy CEO and founder is back-tracking just a little bit. Puff Daddy is in fact still filthy rich, just not that rich — at least not yet.

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In the first video that caused all of the commotion, Puffy was seen enjoying a nice salmon dinner at his luxurious dining room table. After hydrating with a cold bottle of water, the artist gets up to give fans a tour of his new office. “I started out as a young boy from Harlem that couldn’t even be a waiter. They don’t want you to be a waiter,” he enthusiastically yelled. “So you know what I did? I became a billionaire.”

Soon after the video gained a significant number of views, Diddy released another video to set the record straight. “A lot of blogs took that as I had become hip-hop’s first billionaire. That is not the case,” he explained. He went on to say that “the race is still on,” and “any of you hustlers out there can come and get it,” possibly teasing some friendly competition with buddy Jay Z. “It really ain’t about the money at the end of the day,” he concluded. “It’s about the impact that you have on the world.” Us broke folk will try to keep that in mind, Puff.

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Although the “Finna Get Loose” artist hasn’t reached Oprah status quite yet, he is currently the highest-paid figure in hip-hop. According to Forbes, Diddy made an annual $62 million, followed by Jay Z ($53.5 million), Dr. Dre ($41 million), and Drake ($38.5 million). Diddy has also racked in the largest net worth out of the bunch with $750 million; Dre comes in second with $700 million, followed by Jay with $610 million.

Nevertheless, Diddy is well on his way to billionaire status. Over his extensive career, the mogul has built an impressive empire with Bad Boy Record, Sean John, Revolt TV, Ciroc Vodka, and a number of other business endeavors.  So it’s only a matter of time before he’s Diddy bopping his way into billionaire heaven.