Doctor Pleads Guilty To Selling Prescriptions To Drug Addicts


A 78-year-old doctor admitted in federal court to distributing prescription drugs to drug dealers and addicts for cash. Prosecutors on the case claim that Dr. Alan Summers cooperated with two other physicians who sold close to $5 million worth of controlled substances. He pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, money laundering, health care fraud and drug distribution, ABC News reports.

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Nearly 1,000 patients visited the National Association for Substance Abuse-Prevention Treatment clinic each month, and Summers along with the other two suspects allegedly sold them prescription drugs while performing little to no treatment as required by law.

Dr. Keyhosrow Parsia pleaded guilty to the accusations last month, and a third awaits trial. Summers confessed in court on Wednesday (Feb. 22).

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In a separate case, 23-year-old Andrew Oswald III died from a heroin overdose. His parents, Andrew and Stephanie Oswald, have used his obituary to bring light to the epidemic of prescription drug overdose.

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