Is Donald Trump Holding His First 2020 Re-Election Campaign Rally This Saturday?


There’s an old saying: the early bird gets the worm. It’s the belief that if you do things early enough in advance you’ll A) Get everything done, but B) in the event there’s a few hiccups, you’ll have enough time to work through them. Well, according to reports Donald Trump is taking that saying to heart and hosting his first 2020 re-election campaign rally Saturday (Feb. 18) in Florida.

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Trump took to Twitter Wednesday (Feb. 15) to invite supporters to purchase tickets for a rally being held at Orlando-Melbourne International Airport. The invitation boasts Trump’s consistent slogan about putting America back to work, and putting the people first.

While Trunp isn’t coming flat out and saying he’s hosting a rally to plant the seed for a 2020 run, the political term being employed is “permanent campaign.” Originally created in 1980 by Sidney Blumenthal, the idea of a “permanent campaign” is to consistently use campaign tactics, even after you’ve won whatever office you were vying for.

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Just 30 days into his presidency and he’s already got his eye on the future. Admirable, no?