Drake Says Trump Doesn’t Have The Power To Tear The World Apart

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While Drake is never afraid to take on an opponent in hip-hop, the Views artist usually minds his business when it comes to politics. However, with the election of Donald Trump, many have chosen to voice their opinion of the polarizing G.O.P president and it appears as if Mr. Graham is hopping on the bandwagon.

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During his final London show for his Boy Meets World tour, Drake congratulated the crowd for putting their differences to the side all in the name of music.

“For some reason in my room, they have the TV set to CNN. Every day I wake up and see all this bullsh*t going in the world, people trying to tear us apart, people trying to make us turn against each other,” Drake said. “So tonight, my proudest moment isn’t selling tickets or having people singing songs. My proudest moment, if you take a look around at this room, you’ll see people from all races and all places, and all we did tonight was come inside this building, show love, celebrate life, more life and more music.”

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While on its face Drake’s comment speaks more to unity than politics, the “One Dance” artist didn’t end his spiel there. Although he didn’t name Trump, it was quite obvious who he was addressing his message to.

“If you think one man can tear this world apart, you’re out of your mother f**king mind. It’s on us to keep this shit together. F**k that man,” Drake said.

Drizzy didn’t go any further into his disdain towards Trump, but we get the picture, however, speaking on Trump and politics in general isn’t something Drake or Young Money really does. Do you think it’s an artist’s duty to use their platform to discuss social issues? Or should they just stay in their lane and entertain? Sound off in the comments.