Is A Young Money Reunion Tour In The Works?

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It looks like a lot of good things may come from the recent Instagram photo of Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake. During his Boy Meets World tour stop at the O2 Arena in London, Drizzy made an announcement that aided in spinning the rumor mill even faster. He hinted at the possibility of a Young Money reunion tour, featuring some of his buddies from OVO as well.

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“We might have to do some like Young Money reunion shit out here or something,” he told the crowd. “I might have to bring my friends from America, all my friends from Canada and the whole OVO.”

The last time members of the Young Money collective toured together was in 2009, the year their compilation album We Are Young Money dropped. The album boasted songs like “Roger That” and “BedRock,” which peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart. Lil Wayne’s Facebook page also hinted at some possible work with Young Money this year as well in a now-deleted post.

CREDIT: Facebook- Lil Wayne

“So listen, this is the last chance tonight,” Drake said to the audience (and any of his collaborators who may catch wind of his announcement). “It’s up to each and every one of y’all. If you ready to work with me, I’ma work with you. We gon’ come back and kill this sh**.”

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Guess we just have to brace up and stay tuned! Check out the video of Drake’s announcement below.