Dylann Roof Drove To Another AME Church After Shooting, But Was Too Tired To Continue His Attack


After killing nine peaceful parishioners inside of Charleston’s historic Emanuel AME church, reports indicate Dylann Storm Roof then drove to a second black church to potentially carry out his heinous crime again.

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On Tuesday, (Feb. 21) prosecutors said according to Roof’s GPS location, he exited the interstate and drove toward Branch AME Church in Jedburg where an advertisement for bible study was on display. Federal prosecutors, sighting from newly unsealed documents, say it was at this time Roof’s GPS was shut off indicating he got out of the car.

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However, the only reason why Roof didn’t go through with his plan was because he was “too tired” from having committed his first crime. Roof was sentenced to death last month after a jury found him guilty of 33 federal charges stemming from the 2015 crime. Roof is now awaiting his second-death penalty trial in state court.