‘Get Out’ Debuts New Artwork Ahead Of Film’s Highly-Anticipated Release

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Funnyman Jordan Peele is back with his directorial debut, Get Out, which follows a man named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), and his visit upstate with his white girlfriend (Allison Williams) to her parents’ home for the weekend.

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Viewers will witness bits and pieces of racially-toned conversations and awkward “did you really just say that?” moments. Through suspense, comedy and fear, the film shows the issues surrounding white privilege, and how it impacts black culture.

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Before you see Get Out, view the film’s artwork above. The pictures were created by Taj Tenfold and Jermain Rodgers. Tenfold is based in Jamaica, and calls inspiration from the likes of Lauryn Hill and Nina Simone. Rodgers specializes in promotional posters for artists, and has done so for the likes of David Bowie and Radiohead.

Perhaps these will give you some context clues.

Get Out debuts in theaters on Feb. 24.