Against All Odds: The Underdogs Of The 59th Annual Grammy Awards


Not every Grammy Award nomination is clearly deserving of the honor — in our opinion — and some musicians who are on the ballot may have more difficulty along their road to Grammy glory for factors that have nothing to do with their music. As loyal viewers of the annual award show, we’ve witnessed a fair share of hip-hop travesties throughout the years, but 2017 looks to like it will be a better one.

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VIBE compiled a shortlist of some of the music stars that we feel may get the shaft this year. Despite having had certified hits and all-around success in 2016, thanks to their infectious songs and celebrated bodies of work, we have some gut feelings about a few artists that we love.

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We’d also like to hear your thoughts on some of our underdogs or on the artists that should have been recognized. Sound off in the comments.