H.E.R. Discovers Inspiration In Aaliyah On Impassioned New Single “Your Way”


H.E.R. helps us express our yearnings for the real deal on her latest track, “Your Way.” The song is the perfect treat to those who were wowed by her debut project, H.E.R. Volume 1. 

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A sample by Aaliyah (“Come Over”) pulls the listener in and remains in the background as the enigmatic vocalist makes it clear about her intentions to win over a lucky fellow. Carrying the same theme of Baby Girl’s Tank-assisted track, H.E.R. creates an epilogue to the original, while laying down a groove that’s all her own. Production by @iamscootie and Ryan Matthew Tedder also helps set a dedicated and loving mood. Since H.E.R. slid onto the scene last year, her anonymity has kept fans wondering about the woman behind soothing and seductive songs such as “Facts” and “Focus.”

Some fans have an idea who the singer is but for now, it’s all about the music.

Groove out to “Your Way” below.

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