J.R. Smith Holds Newborn Daughter After Sharing News Of Preterm Birth


Before the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Finals-worthy win (140-135) over the Washington Wizards on Monday night (Feb. 6), shooting guard J.R. Smith had even brighter news concerning a new addition to his family. The pro-athlete shared on Instagram a picture of his newborn daughter, Dakota, and how he felt holding her for the first time.

The 31-year-old and his wife, Jewel Harris, previously shared their reactions when they learned that their daughter would be born five months early, taking to social media to serve as support for other families who’ve endured similar situations. “We know we are not the only family going through this, who will go through this, and who will ever go through this,” Jewel said. “Please keep us in your prayers and we’ll do the same for everyone else.”

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To keep the positive energy brewing, the married couple took to Instagram to publish a touching photo of J.R. holding his youngest child, writing, “Today is one of the greatest days of my life. Today I get to hold my youngest for the first time! GOD is GREAT!”

On a blog documenting her maternal happenings, Jewel posted a passage on the special moment.

“Kota Bear looked like a little shrimp laying on her dads chest, I called my view of them two a miraculous work of art because his tattoos surrounded her tiny body in such a unique way; she added another piece to the story that was already permanently written on his body,” she wrote. “We both have grown to understand and comprehend that it is the little things in life that truly matters, the things you can learn from and appreciate; the experiences that help us grow. This day will truly be one of many that has a lasting impression on our hearts, we have experienced and gained a peace in our minds that has surpassed our own understanding.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm each year. India leads the world with the most preterm births at 3,519,100, according to data gathered in Nov. 2016.