Jennifer Lopez Has A Mess On Her Hands In ‘Shades Of Blue’ First Look


NBC’s hit series Shades of Blue doesn’t make its return to the small screen until March 5, but Jennifer Lopez isn’t keeping fans completely in the dark. The leading lady took to Twitter to preview the first two minutes of season two, which finds Brooklyn detective Harlee Santos left to dispose Miguel’s body after snapping her abusive ex-boyfriend’s neck in self-defense.

“‘OK! That’s what we’re doing!” Lopez said of her initial reaction to the script during Television Critics Association winter previews last month. “We’re going there! We’re burying the body!'”

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Watch your step. #ShadesofBlue returns Sunday, March 5 at 10/9c on @nbc.

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If that sounds crazy enough, J. Lo promises that the premiere merely sets the tone for the wild season ahead. “I call this ‘A storm is coming’ this season. There’s this sub-story about Hurricane Sandy and it really does feel like they get caught in a hurricane they can’t get out of,” she revealed. “It just doesn’t stop.”

The countdown begins.

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