Grand Jury Indicts Joe McKnight’s Killer For Second Degree Murder


The man who’s responsible for fatally shooting former NFL player Joe McKnight has been indicted on second degree murder charges, Deadspin reports. If Ronald Gasser is convicted he could face life in prison without parole, the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s office announced Thursday (Feb. 2). His bond has now been raised to $750,000.

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A road rage situation in Terrytown, La., got out of hand and should have never resulted in a father with so much promise to lose his life. McKnight approached Gasser’s vehicle, and the two engaged in a verbal argument, resulting in the infuriated 54-year-old drawing his gun and shooting the former New York Jets player twice through his open passenger-side window. Gasser was even heard saying, “I told you don’t f**k with me,” as he stood over his body, according to witnesses.

Gasser was initially released from custody while Jefferson Parish law enforcement gathered information and details surrounding the death of McKnight, even after admitting to fatally shooting the former pro-athlete. The “stand your ground” statute in Louisiana is not expected to play a role in the case if a jury rules that the USC Trojan wasn’t attempting to break into Gasser’s vehicle.

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Johanna McKnight, Joe’s sister, told ESPN’s Outside the Lines, “We very much hope for justice.”