Kanye West Deletes Every Pro-Donald Trump Tweet From His Account


It looks like Kanye West isn’t so buddy-buddy with President Donald Trump after all, as it appears that every pro-Trump tweet on the rapper’s Twitter page has been deleted.

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TMZ reports that Kanye has had a change of heart about his support of the President, and that now, “he’s super unhappy with the president’s performance over his first 2 weeks in office.” One of the many things that swayed his perception of Trump is reportedly the Muslim ban.

As we know, West voiced his support of Trump after it was decided he would become the 45th President of the United States. During one of the final concerts of the Saint Pablo tour, the Chi-town musician said that if he had voted in the election, he would have voted for the Republican. However, he noted that neither Trump nor Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would have fixed racism in America.

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In mid-December, West made headlines for visiting the then-president-elect at New York’s Trump Tower to discuss “multicultural issues.” He later posted a picture of his autographed issue of TIME Magazine’s “Person Of The Year” cover featuring Trump.