Karla Souza On Why Her Bilingual Rom-Com Is Important In The Face Of Trump’s America


Karla Souza is committed to pushing the Latino narrative forward as the leading actress and producer of Everybody Loves Somebody. In an interview with The Huffington Post, the How To Get Away With Murder star discusses how her bilingual romantic comedy defies the norm to the point that she was told her film would be “too intelligent for Latin audiences.”

“It means they’re used to seeing Latinos catered in a specific way, with telenovelas or [comedies] that are broader and this film was a very intimate look at relationships,” she said of the feedback. “But it’s super fun and easy and great, the general market in the U.S. has loved it as much as Latinos and bi-cultural people. And I mean we can see it in the Oscars, there’s no Latin stories being told. There’s a lack of that, so that’s one of the reasons I wanted to make this. “

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Starring as Dr. Carla Barron, a successful OB/GYN who ends up torn between two men in her personal life, the Mexican actress was thrilled to embody a character that challenged the “machista” culture of Latin America. “I really enjoyed being a part of that, specifically for a Latino audience because some interviewers still said, ‘You know, you’re character is such a golfa’ (slut) so I saw that it still is a very patriarchal society,” she explained.

In the face of Trump’s America, her story goes even deeper to comment on the relationship between Mexico and the United States amid the president’s crackdown on immigration. “[That] scene where Clara says ‘Don’t worry, you don’t need a passport to come into Mexico, we assume you’re a great person,’ and then she’s like ‘but you need your passport on your way back.’ Now that scene hits a whole different nerve. We don’t realize how much power art and storytelling has, but it definitely does.”

Everybody Loves Somebody is in theaters now. Watch the trailer here:

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