After Their $1 Wedding, A Kenyan Couple Received $35,000 For Lavish Redo Ceremony


More than a handful of donors were in the spirit of giving once they learned of a young Kenyan couple’s wedding price tag. According to BBC, Wilson and Ann Mutura spent 100 Kenyan shillings on their marital event, which adds up to $1 in U.S. conversion.

With rings that were made out of steel and casual attire of a printed T-shirt and jeans, the pair seemed rich with just happiness of tying the knot. But once their news hit the web, anonymous donors poured in monetary support, and the couple renewed their vows in a glamorous second shindig.

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The ceremony took place in the country’s capital, Nairobi, and had a DJ, caterers, three MCs, and a photographer, Africa News reports. They also received a honeymoon special from Bonfire Adventures. While spectators questioned why the money wasn’t put to use for the couple’s livelihood instead of another wedding, Slique Events Planner, Aaltonen Jumba, revealed that their pressing financial needs have been addressed.

“The couple have already been supported by others financially. Different people gave different things at different levels,” Jumba said. “They have been given a greenhouse farm, a honeymoon and have been promised money to start a business.”

After their initial wedding, Wilson said they spent their time at home and “cooked ugali and sukuma wiki, ate and slept. There was nothing special that we did on our honeymoon.”

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