For Kevin Garnett, His Fitness Inspiration Is Beyonce


For millions of fans across the globe, Beyonce serves as a source of unswerving inspiration from her business acumen, to the creative visuals, to her lyrical content. But for one person, her ability to defy the vocal odds while executing her choreography changed the way he trains for his profession.

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According to TIME, former pro-athlete Kevin Garnett said that the mother of three inspired him to attain a new level of fitness goals. During an interview on Bill Simmons’ podcast, Los Angeles Clippers’ J.J. Redick said Garnett revealed how he beefed up on his defense when he was in the league.

Per Redick, Garnett said, “One time I saw her working out, and she was doing her dances and she was singing while she was doing her dancing. So then I’m thinking to myself, maybe I should run and sing at the same time.” He added that during the offseason, Malibu’s attractive beaches would serve as his track course where he would belt out a tune while running. “So then, when I get on the court and I’m getting back on defense and I’m talking on defense, I don’t get tired.”

The “Sandcastles” singer will be on a performance hiatus to nurture her expected twins. Recently, she nixed her performance at April’s Coachella festival given doctor’s orders, but not to fret, we still have her captivating performance at the 59th Grammy Awards to gawk over.

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