Lin-Manuel Miranda Reacts To Outpour Of ‘Hamilton’ Signs At Nationwide Protests


The influence of Hamilton is felt beyond the stage as recent protests take center in the wake of Donald Trump’s troubling ascension to President of the United States. Between the historic Women’s March on Washington and recent “Muslim Ban” protests, the Broadway sensation takes on a deeper purpose in dismal times.

“I keep seeing ‘Immigrants, We Get The Job Done’ on placards at every march, at every protest,” Lin-Manuel Miranda told The Huffington Post on Thursday (Feb. 2). “I can’t tell you what that does to me as a writer to see a line [I wrote]. And what it means for the conversation, in this moment in history.”

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The Oscar nominee, who stands in solidarity with women and deems the executive order prohibiting a host of Muslim immigrants and refugees from entering the country “deeply un-American,” added that he’s all for protesters using his lyrics as a tool to fight for freedom, though he didn’t anticipate that it would ever happen.

“There was an incredible protest sign that read ‘History Has Its Eyes On You’ and it had Carrie Fisher as Leia’s eyes over it, and I was so moved by the moment,” he continued. “When you’re making something, you don’t control what happens [in response]. You can only control the thing you make. So to see it ripple back in that way, it’s very moving and very humbling.”

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