The Comeback Kid: Lloyd Is On A Mission To Better The World


One of contemporary R&B’s golden voices made a triumphant comeback to music last year. New Orleans own Lloyd released his first project, TRU, in over 5 years on Dec 16, 2016 to the screams of die-hard fans across the world.

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The former Murda Inc. signee wasn’t out drowning himself in booze, or globetrotting with a mistress, the cherished singer was actually on a mission to perfect his craft to better his life, the lives of fans and the world in general.

“I give a fuck about music, about the story and the human experience in all its glory — and all of its struggle,” Lloyd says about his journey in music. “For me one of the most important phrases in my life is ‘no struggle, no progress.’

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Lloyd tighten up his circle and focused on writing and producing his own music. Of coursre he had the help of his close friends Jasper Cameron, Slade Da Monster and more. The singer is slated to release a full length LP later this year.

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“My deal was, ‘look I’ve been sent some beautiful inspirations that showed me how much more there was to life, how much bigger life was than just myself and how important it was for me to be a part of something integral — and to be selfless,” says Lloyd about his time away from the music industry. “I believe in order for me to graduate as a man and as an artist, it takes sacrifice, and it takes for me to really, really think about my fellow man, brother and sister. And their plight and how it’s intertwined and ultimately how much I believe that in conversation, honesty and transparency, how much more we find out we are alike — or relateable — than we ever knew, and through that, we build compassion and respect for each other. I think we could use more of that.”

Lloyd on how he took full control of his musical direction
“It’s pretty much been me gambling on myself, writing the songs at home, me coming up with the chords at home and tean having the courage to produce the songs,” says Lloyd. “I scaled my team back a great deal. I now work with a very very small circle of people, people I trust, depend on, rely on and that I can count on. I have been producing a lot of the music, playing guitar and writing.”

Lloyd on his brotherhood with Lil Wayne
“Creatively its rare when you can find someone who fits the glove,” says Lloyd about why he loves Weezy.” It’s very easy to force it, it’s very easy to be a sign of the times — whoever is hot. But for me, Wayne first and foremost has also been the young messiah, for my generation, coming from New Orleans maybe that has something to do with it. But the first few times we worked together, it just felt like it was the best thing for what I was trying to do.”

“For some reason, Wayne seems to give me the dopest verses, I don’t know why. I know when we were younger, he used to tell me he wanted to sing. The first time I met Wayne he sang my song “I’m A G” to me. He sang the song verbatim all the way through.”