Macy Gray Returns With A Powerful Message In Her “White Man” Video


Grammy winning singer/songwriter Macy Gray returns with captivating visuals and powerful messages in her new single, “White Man.” The musician is set to release her upcoming seventh studio album this summer — and for her lead track, Gray chooses to focus on some of the most controversial problems that America is currently facing.

“White Man is a reflective critique of the state of race relations and gender equality in contemporary America which aims to recognize the progress made,” Gray states. “It highlights the significant shortcomings that still exist, the acknowledgment that the American society does not need to be colorblind in order to advance equality for all, and concludes with a positive message of hope through collective cooperation. “

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The upbeat tempo that carries the track will have you moving almost instantly right along with the deep underlying themes in the video. “White Men” features two women who break in and out of a synchronized dance that symbolizes more than you can imagine.

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