After Leaving Bruises On A 5-Year-Old, Man Says He Was Unaware That It’s ‘Illegal To Whoop’ A Child

One man’s disciplinary actions landed him in police custody earlier this month. Dennis Murdock left a 5-year-old girl with bruises on her lower body, which an unidentified woman noticed when she picked the child up from Murdock’s supervision.

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According to police officials, Murdock used an excessive amount of force as a result of disciplining the little girl for “acting out in school,” the Palm Beach Post reports. Police officials also state that Murdock confessed, “I can’t believe it’s illegal to whoop [a child].”

The child’s bruises were believed to be the result of a belt. Florida law cites that an instance like this can be deemed child abuse once a bruise is evident. Murdock was released from police custody on bail, but no charges have been brought against him.

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A judge ruled that the 25-year-old will no longer be allowed to have contact with the child or other minors. His relation to the 5-year-old has yet to be revealed.