Ill-Informed White Man Slams Latina Employee And Disabled Person At Walmart


A white man at a Wal-Mart in Irving, Texas took it upon himself to spew out a whole bunch of racist rhetoric to a Latina employee. Luckily, she caught it on video.

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Essentially, he feels immigrants should “go to your own country.” The victim in question, Adela, said that after the man asked to speak to a white employee she proceeded to record him.

He was reportedly complaining about glasses he went to go pick up at the local department store. Adela, then advised him to check his prescription out with a doctor. After, he demanded to speak with a white employee, Latina reports.

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“It has hurt me a lot because we are working people. We pay our taxes. We have children who study in college,” the Salvadoran-U.S. Citizen said. (She refrained from using her last name for protection purposes.)

Once she started recording after getting her manager, the man then went off on a rampage toward a black woman in a wheel chair.  “Look at that, who do you think pays her hospital bills?” he begged brashly. “I pay her hospital bills. She’s a foreigner. She came over here. She got sick and fat and obese, and she can’t do anything. She can’t work. But I have to pay her bills. See what I mean? Am I fat and obese? I go to work every day. I pay taxes.”

He went on to say that immigrants leech off the back off  “good working white people.” (Insert infinite side eye.) When the scuffle was over, Adela showed the video to her manager. Later, he allegedly called in and cancelled his appointment with the store. Now, employees at the store are being asked to be on the look out for this man.

Watch the disheartening, yet unsurprising rhetoric below.