Katherine Jackson Files Restraining Order Against Nephew, Says She Was Mentally Abused


Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, has reportedly filed a temporary restraining order against her nephew, Trent Lamar Jackson, for alleged abuse Rolling Stone reports.

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The 86-year-old accused Trent of “years of mental/emotional abuse that have left Mrs. Jackson in a constant state of fear and confusion.” The court documents allege that Trent nominated himself as her primary caretaker “to control her every move.” Reportedly, Mrs. Jackson stated she even had to hide in a closet to speak with her children, and that she called her nephew “an abusive conman.”

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Trent, who works as Jackson’s driver and lives in her guest house, was also accused of attempting to use Jackson’s credit cards without permission. Jackson tried to fire Trent, but he refused to leave. Now with this new court order in place, he will immediately need to move out, and forfeit access to all keys and passwords to her home. Legal proceedings will take place in court on March 1.

Recently, Jackson traveled to London to be with her daughter and new mother Janet Jackson, but remains fearful to go back home with Trent there, and also fears he could physically harm her.