Michael Jordan Casts Aside The Golden State Warriors’ 2015-16 Record


During a sit down with Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob, Michael Jordan makes it clear that he isn’t impressed with the team’s 73-win record.

MJ is still one of the most prominent names in all of sports, being recognized globally for his influence within the culture, and in the game. If there’s one thing to know about the famed athlete, it’s that he’s very competitive.

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The Chicago Bulls legend set a record with his 1995-96 team that set him apart from all other teams having the most wins under their belts, and winning the coveted championship. The Warriors managed to beat this impressive record suffering a single digit loss number of nine for the entire regular season, but suffered a historic defeat at the hands of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Lacob made an appearance on the San Francisco radio station 95.7 FM’s “The Game” on Tuesday (Feb. 7), where he spoke about his encounter with Jordan. “People were drinking, having a good time and all that. But there was a moment where [Jordan] said, ‘You know, 73 don’t mean …,” said the Warriors franchise owner.

Lacob followed up by showing his disbelief, and admitted feeling the sting after hearing Jordan belittle his team’s historic success, saying, “He did it. Michael Jordan did that. And I looked at him, and I just decided not to, you know, make a big deal of it. I said, ‘You know, you’re right? We didn’t win it. We had to get better.’ He’s fantastic, and I’m not going to cross him. But that kind of hurt, you know?”

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Beating the Bulls’ record was definitely an impressive feat, Lacob even said, “I think that was one of the greatest years you could ever have in any sport,” which many would agree with, but clearly not Jordan.

The Warriors’ 73-win season will always be in question for the greatest season since they weren’t able to secure the chip, but to Jordan it’s as clear as day.