ESPN’s Michael Smith And Jemele Hill’s Top Five Moments On ‘His And Hers’


Coinciding with the youth movement at ESPN, former His And Hers hosts Michael Smith and Jemele Hill will now spearhead the network’s signature 6 p.m. EST Sportscenter starting Feb. 6. The set will show off the duo’s developed chemistry, and bold personalities instead of the traditional Sportscenter which mostly stuck to highlights of the day’s events.

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The pair rose up the ranks at ESPN after joining the company as journalists, which led to filling in on staple shows like Around The Horn. The duo linked up after Jemele joined Mike on the set of NumbersNeverLie, which ended up getting turned into the afternoon staple, His And Hers in 2014.

The pop-culture junkies have their finger on the pulse of America’s trending topics. They even starred in their own parodies on set applying films like Coming to America, Boyz n the Hood, Anchorman, and Empire as skits for the show. Check out the top five moments reflecting on the pair’s time co-hosting His And Hers over the years below.

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5. Michael Smith throws a paper in Jemele’s face.

Even after buying her a nice bottle of liquor to make up for his wrongdoing, Jemele still returned the favor in petty fashion.

4. Their Step Brothers impression was on point.

3. Jemele Hill playing Ice Cube in Boyz N The Hood.

2. The duo took on the roles of Empire’s Cookie and Lucious Lyon.

1. Michael Smith lets a curse fly on live television.

Congrats to Michael and Jemele, who have blazed a trail for black journalists to make it to the top of their industry. This is part one of the ESPN makeover. Be sure to tune in every weekday at 6 p.m. to see what’s in store.