Mike Epps On Falcons Loss: “I Tried To Tell Y’all New England Was The Feds!”


There are truly no words to describe the disappointment Atlanta Falcons fans (or New England Patriots haters) feel this morning.

During the first half of Super Bowl LI, (Feb. 5) it appeared a win was all but guaranteed for the Dirty Birds who put up an unexpected yet impressive defense against Brady and The Pats securing a 28-3 lead. But this is Tom Brady and you can never count him out until there’s no time left on the clock. After returning from halftime, Brady experienced several sacks, but still led New England to secure 25 consecutive points, forcing the first ever Super Bowl overtime and thus clenching the W.

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And while New England fans enjoyed the sweet taste of victory over their fifth Super Bowl win, Falcon fans were shattered to say the least. Comedian Mike Epps was able to sum up the pain and grief experienced by many who were rooting for the underdogs.

Someone needs to take #MikeEpps’ phone 😂 not the #Patriots are the Feds though 😫 #SB51

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“Now this some bullsh*t right here. See, I tried to tell y’all New England was the Feds. That’s America’s Federal team right there. Magic City, y’all might as well stop frying them wings. All y’all strippers, get back in the bed wipe that make up off, ain’t ‘gon be no money being spent tonight.”

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Epps didn’t stop there. The Falcons loss would no doubt have a trickle down effect on Atlanta’s most prominent figures, and the 46-year-old actor made sure to tell folks their careers are all but done. “Future, you don’t have a future no more. Young Thug take those tight jeans off and put some baggy jeans on. You ‘gon need ‘em to stay warm. Da Brat is grown now!”

Epps little spiel, while funny, still doesn’t take away the sting for those rooting for the Falcons, but it was still an epic game. Congrats to The Patriots.