Morehouse Flips Presidents’ Day To ‘Obama Day’


Another opportunity to shed light and love on former President Barack Obama happened Monday (Feb. 19) when Morehouse College helped led a celebratory movement with the replacement of President’s Day for “Obama Day.”

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Presented by NewsOne, conversations on Obama’s legacy, as well as the influence of former first lady Michelle Obama, were highlighted at the historic institution by author and academic Michael Eric Dyson, activist Michaela Angela Davis, New York Magazine’s Rembert Browne, Jamilah Lemieux of Interactive One and more. From panels on the Affordable Care Act to Obama’s connection to people of color, no topic went overlooked. The same happened online as those who supported the former POTUS praised his legacy online.

Obama also saw another accomplishment when he was named the 12th best president among historians. For the first time, Obama was eligible for the CSPAN-headed survey which asks 91 historians to rate the previous 43 presidents across ten categories. The categories include, “Public Persuasion,” “Crisis Leadership,” “Economic Management,” “Moral Authority,” “International Relations,” “Administrative Skills,” “Relations with Congress,” “Vision/Setting An Agenda,” “Pursued Equal Justice for All,” and “Performance Within the Context of His Times.” Bill Clinton landed at 15, George Bush at 20, the late John F. Kennedy at 8 and Abraham Lincon at number 1.

People also took to the streets for “Not My President’s Day,” a rally featuring those against President Donald Trump. CNN reports demonstrations took place in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles to continue the “momentum” of the historic Women’s March in January.

You can check out the rest of the presidential ranking list here and a portion of Morehouse’s “Obama Day” event above.

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