Nick Cannon Leaves ‘America’s Got Talent’ After Comedy Special Backlash

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Nick Cannon took to his Facebook page to address that he would be leaving his eight-season hosting gig on America’s Got Talent, after Executives from the show discovered that he dropped the N-word in jokes multiple times during his upcoming Showtime comedy special, Stand Up, Don’t Shoot.

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“After days of deliberating over some extremely disappointing news that I was being threatened with termination by Executives because of a comedy special that was only intended to bring communities closer together, I was to be punished for a joke,” wrote Cannon early on Monday morning (Feb. 13). “This has weighed heavy on my spirit. It was brought to my attention by my “team” that NBC believed that I was in breach of contract because I had disparaged their brand.”

The joke in question was about race and how he believes he can’t be a “real ni**a” now that he has white fans thanks to his stint on America’s Got Talent.

“I grew up like a real ni**a, but I honestly believe, once I started doing America’s Got Talent, they took my real ni**a card. They did! Because then, like, these type of people started showing up to my shows,” he says while pointing to the white people sitting in the front row. “I can’t do the real ni**a stuff no more, because then they’ll put me on TMZ…I apologize, white people.”

He continues by spinning the acronym of NBC, the show’s network, into what it means for him and his comedy special.

“It’s going to be a little different tonight. America’s Got Talent, but America’s got ni**a, too, so…You staring at a real one onstage…Matter of fact, that’s what NBC gonna stand for tonight. Ni**a Better Come on, ‘cuz Ni**a Be Cussing! So Ni**a Be Careful!”

“Not to get too detailed but this isn’t the first time executives have attempted to “put me in my place” for so called unruly actions,” he wrote in his lengthy Facebook post. “I will not stand for it… It’s never been about the money for me, what is difficult to walk away from is the fans, the people who love me on the show…I felt like I was apart of the fabric of our great nation every summer, representing every culture, age, gender, and demographic. Now for the rug to be pulled from underneath me and to be publicly reprimanded and ridiculed over a joke about my own race is completely wrong and I have to do something about it.”

“Maybe it was my mistake for signing the contract in the first place, in which I will take full responsibility and have already taken action to restructure my own team of advisors,” he continued. “I now have to set out on a journey of freedom as an artist…As I was quoted in a recent interview, “You can’t fire a Boss!” and that is the essence that I possess. So I wish AGT and NBC the best in its upcoming season but I can not see myself returning.”

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