Premiere: Don’t Take Nitty Scott’s Kindness For Weakness On “BUDDHAVELI (NahImaStay)”

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Getting back into her solo swag after joining No Panty (Bodega Bamz and Joell Ortiz) to release last year’s Westside Highway Story, Nitty Scott MC returns with a musical snack of her own ahead of her second studio LP, Creature.

The song, produced by Yung Lil Big, is an ode to spiritual gangstas everywhere. “In a climate where if you do find some form of inner peace, you have to protect it, sometimes aggressively, from the never-ending world of negativity,” the Brooklyn rapper explains to VIBE Viva.

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But being a self-proclaimed peace lover doesn’t absolve Nitty from experiencing the whole gamut of human emotion, which – by virtue of toxic haterism in this case – includes anger or hostility.

“I did the Art of Chill, but ya make it hard to chill/ now I got the Creature beastin’ on ‘em, n**ga guard your grill,” she vehemently spits.

In anticipation of her sophomore album, spin Nitty Scott’s “BUDDHAVELI (NahImaStay)” here: