Queensbridge Houses Observes One Year With Zero Shootings


After enacting the 696 Build Queensbridge coalition in 2015, residents of the area’s housing project commemorate “a year of golden silence.” According to NBC, the program sought to sweep the neighborhood of illegal firearms and increase police protection, which resulted in 365 days of no gun violence.

One leader of the coalition, Shyism Bryant, said part of the program’s success was the ability to diffuse possible fatal altercations. “When you give a person a chance to save face and you give them time to calm down, nine times out of 10, they really don’t want to commit the violent act,” he said.

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Queensbridge Houses remained a hotbed for drug activity since the 80s, once being the hub of the “Dream Team” drug organization at the beginning of the new millennium. The NYPD dethroned the group in 2005, that once turned the area’s courtyard into “an open-air drug market.”

A person who placed a national spotlight on Queensbridge was famed rapper Nas. The “One Mic” rapper shared his excitement on Instagram after receiving news of his birthplace’s watershed moment. “If Queensbridge can put the guns down then every hood can do it,” Nas wrote.

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The Office of the Mayor recently announced the creation of the Office to Prevent Gun Violence. According to Elizabeth Glazer, director of the criminal justice department within the mayor’s sector, said that New York City has experienced a “thirty-year low” in gun violence, and the new outlet “will be the backbone of these innovative strategies, overseeing an expanded City commitment to deploy ‘credible messengers’ who work tirelessly to interrupt conflict before violence erupts and increasing support and resources in neighborhoods with a historically high concentration of gun violence.”