Raekwon Makes A Declaration Of War In “This Is What It Comes To” Video


It goes without saying that Raekwon has put together some of the hardest rap songs ever since his masterpiece Only Built For Cuban Linx in 1995. He has grown to become one of the more consistent members of Wu-Tang — especially in recent years. In 2017, he stays true by pulling out that WD-40 and loads up his ammunition as he makes a strong declaration of war for the culture in the “This is What It Comes To video.

As the first single from his forthcoming seventh album The Wild, The Chef gets really into character he gives us that hard body “Criminology” rap that we know and love him for. Lyrically, the O.G.’s bars set it off like an American John Woo film over some sinister and incendiary production from Xtreme.

The matching visuals are equally as intense as we witness Rae flowing in a smoky, blue atmosphere while draped in gold. In an interview with Billboard, the “Ice Cream” rapper explains the significance of “This Is What It Comes To” and how it fits in the context of today’s hip-hop landscape.

“Hip hop in its purest form is being reinstated,” says Raekwon “You needed a taste, you needed the seasoning; relax, the Chef is here to serve you! ‘This Is What It Comes Too’ is a record with sonic driven energy and offers a remembrance of what music used to be and why hip-hop is the most exciting genre in music.”

Raekwon’s The Wild is now available for pre-order on iTunes and will be released on March 24.