Tennessee Man Who Plotted An Attack On A New York Mosque Won’t Face Terrorism Charges


In April 2015, police discovered Robert Doggart began recruiting people in hopes to “burn down a mosque” in “Islamberg” a self-described Muslim community in upstate New York. However, the New York Daily News reports that the 65-year-old will not face terrorism charges because an attorney explained federal terrorism statutes focus on foreign and not homegrown extremists.

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Doggart, who ran for Congress as an Independent in 2014, allegedly went on right-wing online forums and spoke openly about using AR-15 assault riffles in the potential attack. Doggart began to mastermind the heinous crime because he believed Hancock, New York, the small bubbling Muslim community, was a terrorist training ground. Thankfully, local law enforcement was able to stop it before it started.


Attorney representing the Islamberg community say there’s a loophole that is keeping Doggart from facing terrorism charges.

“There’s a gap in the law,” attorney Tahirah Amatul-Wadud said. “Frankly, there is nothing on terrorism unless it’s connected to a foreign element. You won’t see the KKK charged with domestic terror even though that’s what they do.”

However, Amatul-Wadud is relieved Doggart could face up to 10 years in prison, but believes had law enforcement not intercepted, he would’ve gone through with his plans.

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“He did it to intimidate Muslims throughout the country — a civilian population — and acted as if he was going to be the world police, which is very anti-government,” Amatul-Wadud said.