The “Roll Safe” Meme Is The Best Way To Kick Off Black History Month


Call it a spirited break away from the ways of the world, but comedian Kayode Ewumi’s “Roll Safe” meme has made Black History Month more golden than imagined.

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As we honor those who have made a large impact in history, there’s the social media comedy block that makes us chuckle throughout work. Case in point, Roll Safe. The character’s hilarious lisp and ambitious ways have spawned memes that question the existence of tardiness, relationships, group projects and anything else you’ve wondered about.

Kayode Ewumi created the character on the now-defunct platform Vine in 2015. Soon after, it became the main character to #HoodDocumentary, a mockumentary following Safe’s road to rap stardom. “I did a Vine I wasn’t happy with, and T was like, ‘Why don’t you just try you stalling the car?’” Ewumi told BuzzFeed in Jan. 2016. “And I said ‘roll safe’ to some imaginary youngers. I took off my shirt, had the chain on, and it happened. We did another video with him, and this character was forming.” Roll Safe has gone viral in the past, but now that the U.S. has embraced the London act, it’s definitely left a bigger mark.

Enjoy some of the best Roll Safe memes we’ve collected in the gallery above.

Catch where it all began here.

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