Run The Jewels Brought Raw Energy To NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’ Concert Series


If you’ve ever been to or even watched a Run The Jewels performance, you know that the hyperactive energy that shines off of Killer Mike and El-P alone is enough to turn up any crowd. The dynamic duo decided to bring their uplifting talents to NPR’s office to deliver a one-of-a-kind performance of songs off their latest album RTJ3.

“They represent an ideal evolution of underground hip-hop to mainstream success, mixing a fundamentally activist animus with IMAX-level production without losing a speck of vital force,” said NPR writer Mina Tavakoli.

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With the help of DJ Track Star, Killer Mike and El-P gave vibrant performances of songs like “Talk To Me” and “Legend Has It” which had the office clapping and laughing throughout the entire performance. After they concluded “Report To The Shareholders,” Killer Mike ended the impromptu concert with a profound message that prove just how badass they really are.

“At some point in the future they’re going to try label us a political rap group, and that we are not,” Mike ended the performance. “We don’t care what party you belong to, we don’t care who you supported, we don’t care what you’re doing tomorrow politically. We care that socially, every one of you know that you were absolutely born free and nothing has the right to interrupt that freedom.”

Watch Run The Jewels take over NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’ concert below.