Russia Is Reportedly Prepping For A Trump-Putin Meeting By Looking Into President Trump’s Mental Health


President Donald Trump may want to remove his energy from the press and on to his pals in Russia. Retired diplomats and staffers of Vladimir Putin have put together a dossier on Trump’s mental health to prep Putin for their future sit-down.

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News of the seven-page “portrait” came Monday (Feb. 20) after former Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Fedorov shared with NBC News that Putin’s team wants to get inside the mind of the president. “Very serious preparatory work is going on in the Kremlin, including a paper — seven pages — describing a psychological portrait of Trump, especially based on this last two to three months, and the last weeks,” the site quoted Fedorov as saying. “Trump is not living in a box — he is living in a crowd. He should listen to the people around him especially in the areas where he is weak.”

His comments come after their findings found Trump to be náive, but stern on taking risks. They also reportedly believe Trump is weak when it comes to removing U.S sanctions or improving relations with Russia. While there is no set date for their meeting, Putin wants to be in the know about Trump.

Russian officials have faced criticism on their relationship with the Trump administration since the resignation of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn last week. The former army general stepped down after misleading vice president Mike Pence on his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the U.S. in 2015.

Trump has spoken highly of Putin in the past but has dialed down his enthusiasm. During an interview with Bill O’Reily, Trump said he respects the Russian politician, but it doesn’t mean they won’t clash in the future. “I respect a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get along with him,” he said. “He’s a leader of his country. I say it’s better to get along with Russia than not. And if Russia helps us in the fight against ISIS, which is a major fight, and Islamic terrorism all over the world — that’s a good thing. Will I get along with him? I have no idea.”

As for Trump’s battle with the media, Fedorov says they are worried. “The situation is very serious and the whole of [Putin’s] team, they are nervous,” he said.

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