San Francisco Grants Free Tuition For Community College Students


San Francisco college students will now have access to a free education at the City College of San Francisco, reports The San Francisco Chronicle.

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Mayor Ed Lee made the announcement on Monday (Feb. 7), stating, “To California residents who are living in San Francisco, your community college is now free.”

Residents who’ve lived in San Francisco for at least a full year will be eligible for the offer, regardless of their income. Supervisor Jane Kim compared the new initiative to public K-12 schooling, citing that the City College will also be free.

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Last November, San Francisco residents approved a transfer tax, which provides $5.4 million annually for qualified students to cover the $46 per credit fee they are normally charged. Both full-time and part-time students are eligible to qualify.

Additionally, those students who are low-income, and already have a fee wavered are eligible for an extra $500 per year if they are attending full-time, according to ABC 7. Low-income students who are enrolled part-time are eligible for $200—those funds can be used to cover the expenses for textbooks and other materials, which can cost up to $1,700.

City College officials hope the free education program will increase enrollment at the school. With the awarded $5.4 million, the institution can afford to pay for its existing alums and another 20 percent more.