Scammer Swindles Elderly Woman Out Of $9,500 After He Pretended To Be Her Friend


An unidentified New Yorker took advantage of an elderly woman by pretending to be her friend and swindling her out of nearly $10,000, the New York Daily News reports.

The man who appears to be aged between 25-30 reportedly called a 66-year-old woman who lives in the Clinton Hill section of Brooklyn, New York. Per their telephone conversation, the suspect said he was caught in a bind, and needed money to post bail. He successfully convinced the woman that she ended up believing they were good friends, and agreed to shell out $9,500.

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A man later arrived at an undisclosed location to get the money from the woman and went on his way. At another date, the suspect placed a similar phone call to the same lady, but she called his bluff and phoned a friend she assumed he was impersonating. That acquaintance confirmed with her that she was being gipped.

Authorities were subsequently notified, but remain on the lookout for the perpetrator.