Rep. Sean Duffy Claims “Good Things” Followed The Aftermath Of The Charleston Church Shooting


A former reality star turned congressman is sparking fires across the web for his controversial remarks made on CNN. Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wisconsin) appeared on New Day to discuss Donald Trump’s travel ban and lack of acknowledgement for the six Muslims who were slain by a white terrorist while praying at a mosque, stating that he has no clear answer for why the president remained mum on the attack.

“I don’t know, but there is a difference… death and murder on both sides is wrong, but if you want to take the dozens of scenarios where ISIS-inspired attacks have taken innocents, and you give me one example of what’s happening, I think that was in Canada, I’m going to condemn them all,” he said. “But again, you don’t have a group like ISIS or Al-Qaeda that’s inspiring people around the world to take up arms and kill innocents. That was a one-off, and you have a movement on the other side.”

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Anchor Alisyn Camerota then asked the former Real World cast member, “You don’t think there are white extremists?” pointing to the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995, and the recent mosque attack in Quebec City. Camerota then pointed to the acts of Dylann Roof, a white man who killed nine black Charleston residents at Emanuel AME Church in June 2015, and claimed that a positive outcome was derived following the aftermath of the killings.

“Look at the good things that came from it. Nikki Haley took down the Confederate flag, that was great!” he said. “…There’s no constant thread that goes through these attacks. You have radical Islamic terrorists and ISIS, that are driving the attacks.”