Selena Gomez Kicks Love To The Curb On Kygo’s “It Ain’t Me”


In what is shaped up to be the first single from Kygo’s album, Selena Gomez makes her return to music with the breakup track “It Ain’t Me.”

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Kygo is known for his tropical house production, and he’s cooked up something special with Gomez in a song that is sure to be talked about as a Justin Bieber-inspired message. The song focuses on Selena’s refusal to put up with her ex and his drinking chronicles.

This upbeat track seems to hint at a bigger project from Kygo, but we can already tell this song will makes its way around the viral universe.

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Selena has not released new music since her sophomore album Revival,  which made its debut in 2015. The singer has hinted at a new project, but what we know for sure is she is returning with a vengeance.

Watch the audio video for “It Ain’t Me” below: