Sisqo Reportedly Plans To Take Legal Action Against Alleged Impostor


Dru Hill made a nostalgic return to our youthful memories when they performed their classic cuts at the 2016 Soul Train Awards. Fans were reminded of the R&B group’s replay-worthy singles and harmonies, and some probably wondered what the artists are up to in present time. For Sisqo, he sought to become a mainstay on the New York Fashion Week circuit.

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Well, not really. Photos surfaced of a man named Gavin Barnes who many assumed milked his engineered likeness of the “Incomplete” singer during the city’s weeklong showcase of the latest fashion trends. Once Sisqo was notified of the incident, he spoke with TMZ to let the masses know that he plans to sue Barnes for trying to make bank off of his image.

“It pisses me off that other people got hurt,” the 38-year-old said. The award-winning artist also mentioned that at first he went along with the harmless gesture, but then when Barnes made promises to perform at various events, he realized the severity of the situation. “You’ve got this 13-year-old little girl who’s thinking that I’m gonna come perform live at her bat mitzvah. That’s when I was like, ‘Ok, you know what, we need to take this a little bit seriously.’ So now we’re taking legal action.”

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Details on the lawsuit are still forthcoming.

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