Snow Tha Product Gets Humorously Liberated In Visuals For “Let U Go”


Claudia Feliciano wants to make “music you can vibe to,” but never forget she has a brain too. The San Jose rapper, better known as Snow Tha Product, released what most people would refer to as a bitter track on the day of love (Feb. 14) with “Let U Go.”

The Cali native is “woke” to the importance of putting herself first in the break-up track. Throughout the hook, she rhymes about letting go of her ex because he had her “slipping on my money” and “crying all night long.”

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She isn’t shy about airing his dirty laundry either – big or small – although she asserts she isn’t one to do so in her politically-charged “Despierta” track. Feliciano exposes his tendency to leave her on “read” after she replies “within a second,” DUI activity, and breaking the agreements of his housing lease.

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Snow was previously a part of Voto Latino’s 27 Million campaign to encourage Latinxs to vote this past election season. Her previously-mentioned “Despierta” track was also featured in the movement. In accordance with her “stay woke” campaign, her ever-growing “Woke” brand features apparel, accessories, and a Woke.TV channel on YouTube.

The Chicana is also coming off the heels of releasing her debut LP with Atlantic Records, Halfway There… Pt. 1. The rapper is set to perform as the only woman on the JMBLYA line-up this coming May, alongside Grammy-winning Chance The Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert, 6lack, and more.

If you had to choose yourself over an ex-beau and are still feeling the sting of Valentine’s Day, peep the upbeat single below.

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