Spike Lee Thinks It’s Time For Phil Jackson To Transition Out Of Office


Longstanding fan of the New York Knicks, Spike Lee, isn’t too pleased with Phil Jackson’s leadership and comments concerning the franchise. The team president received criticism for his jabs at star player Carmelo Anthony, and previously LeBron James. And for Lee, he feels it’s time for Jackson to vacate his position.

In an interview with ESPN, the Do The Right Thing filmmaker said, “I’ll pack Phil’s bags for him. I think I still believe in Carmelo, but Phil Jackson is making it very difficult for him.” Nearing the end of January, trade rumors began to spill over while Anthony awaited a formal discussion with Jackson and the rest of the front office.

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When speaking with USA Today, the power forward said his family will remain his number one priority when it comes to wearing another team’s jersey. “…My family, my son being comfortable in New York and at an age now where he really gets an opportunity to understand being in New York and having a home there and having friends there and my wife working there and having her opportunities there,” he said. “I think about that more so of my decision for my career. At the end of the day, it will come down to my decision, but I think about what my family is thinking and what they’ll have to go through if anything.”

The Knicks were the center of attention again earlier this week when former player Charles Oakley engaged in a physical altercation with security personnel at Madison Square Garden. Now, according to VICE Sports, the head of security, Frank Benedetto, was terminated on Friday morning (Feb. 10).

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“There are dozens of security staff, employees and NYPD that witnessed Oakley’s abusive behavior,” a statement reads. “It started when he entered the building and continued until he was arrested and left the building.”

Just a day ago (Feb. 9), Spike Lee shared that he had “a great lunch” with Oakley following the incident, and adds that Oakley seeks to remedy the tiff with Knicks’ owner, James Dolan. “Last thing Oak said to me is “all I want to do is sit down with Mr. Dolan, man to man and work this out.”