Stream Future’s Self Titled Album


Future is finally out of hiding with the release of his self-titled album. Dropping Thursday evening, (Feb. 16), the album has no features, just as the rapper promised. The album is creatively divided by a few skits, with one being an “exchange” between a customer and a parody of a rapper we might know of.

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Speaking to Zane Lowe on Beats 1, the rapper says he needed a much-needed break from social media and used the time to reflect on his musical and personal life journey. “That was probably the best thing I’ve ever done. Because I don’t have to respond to certain things [that are] going on even in my life,” he said of his social media hiatus. “Whatever they’re writing about, I don’t have to address it; I don’t have to be able to speak on it because they know my social media’s just shut down. So anything that’s going on in that period of time, probably just gets washed away. Because I’m not giving it the attention that I want to give… I want to give the music that attention, being in the studio. I want to give all of my attention to my music, my kids, my family.”

The rapper touches on these topics on tracks like “Feds Did a Sweep,” “When I Was Broke” and “Outta Time.” During his talk with Lowe, the “Low Life” rapper says he was prepared to give the people who they wanted —the almighty Future Hendrix. “Now is the time, two to three years they weren’t ready, they wanted Future, they wanted “Real Sisters” they wanted me to be the ratchet-est and say the most disrespectful s**t,” he said. “And I understand that’s what music is; it makes you feel different kinds of ways.”

The rapper takes hold of the persona on the opening track “Rent Money” and “High Demand” which references President Donald Trump’s lewd comments on women. “Let my s**t go blow, this b***h come to the cypher/That type of p***y it’s gon’ make you wanna wife her.” He continues, “We do a whole lotta numbers, yeah/Grab on that p***y like Donald, yeah.”

Check out his interview with Lowe below and stream the album here.

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