Subway Rapper Freestyles About Trump In New Viral Video


A New York MC riding New York City’s 2 train had a few choice words for President Donald Trump in a freestyle that is currently going viral.

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The rapper, a blind man who can be seen in the video holding his cane, spits some truth bars over the instrumental of the summer anthem, “All The Way Up.”

“You a racist, look at the faces, catching the cases but you don’t care / here’s a little history lesson so be all ears, the people you call Mexicans was already here,” he says. He also rhymed his thoughts about the recent Muslim ban, with lines like “you profilin’ Muslims, gimme a break/ you wanna kill the terrorists, give ‘em a Trump steak.”

“You brag about your money, but really you sound fake/We know it was your father who gave you your first break,” he continues. He also spits fire about the “stupid” wall Trump plans on building on the border of the U.S. and Mexico, and also puts his two cents in regarding the passengers on the “Trump Train.”

“But when they don’t know is, really in the end/When you lockin’ people out, you also lockin’ em in/And that’s like sittin’ in prison without a crime/Like needin’ a dollar when you ain’t got a dime/Like havin’ a degree for a job you can’t find/Sorta like the university you had one time.”

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Check out the video of the rapper below.