Plot Twist: Super Bowl Ad Supports Donald Trump’s Wall After All


Everything is not what it seems, especially in the case of 84 Lumber. The private building materials supplier made headlines this week after Fox censored what appeared to be a rebuttal to Donald Trump’s xenophobia over Super Bowl weekend. However, what the network deemed a controversial message turns out to be in favor of the nation’s 45th president.

The commercial follows a mother and daughter’s perilous journey to the “land of the free” before their American dreams are blocked by a border wall, which Trump has moved to construct. However, the duo’s hope is reignited when they find an unbarred door that grants them access to the United States.

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According to People, the Pennsylvania-based company wasn’t making much of a political statement in the ad, which managed to tug at the hearts of many, after all. “We need to keep America safe,” 84 Lumber CEO Maggie Hardy Magerko told the magazine. “America needs to be safe so you and I can have the liberty to talk… The wall, I think it represents, to me, security. I like security.”

The Trump supporter goes on to clarify that she doesn’t think building a wall is negative, or else she wouldn’t have included it in the visual. “My intent was to show, through the mother and daughter, that through struggles we will do anything we possibly can to make [the world] a better place for our children. If I thought the wall was negative, I wouldn’t have had the wall.”

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As for the door, Hardy Magerko reveals that it represents nothing more than a nod of approval to Donald Trump’s thoughts on immigration. “Even President Trump has said there should be a ‘big beautiful door in the wall so that people can come into this country legally,’” she said in a press release on the company’s website. “It’s not about the wall. It’s about the door in the wall. If people are willing to work hard and make this country better, that door should be open to them.”

Talk about a plot twist.

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